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  • 16 May 2022 by DigiBC

    Our recent provincial benchmarking study highlighted that issues around diversity and inclusion continue to be a significant area of concern in the creative technology industry. DigiBC is committed to prioritizing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the sector by providing education for member companies and the community, establishing meaningful partnerships with EDI-focused organizations, developing policy and resources, and benchmarking and tracking EDI data for the sector.

    Today we are thrilled to announce we will be offering FREE memberships to support the advancement of creative technology startups led by the following underrepresented groups: Indigenous peoples of Canada, racialized communities, women, LGBTQ2+ community and non-binary people, and people with disabilities.

    Free Membership Criteria:

    ▪️ At least 50% of co-founders must self-identify as being from an underrepresented group as defined by the Government of Canada / CMF (Indigenous peoples of Canada, racialized communities, women, LGBTQ2+ community and non-binary people, and people with disabilities)

    ▪️ Company size is 1-10 employees (FTEs and contractors)

    ▪️ If your company qualifies, please contact us for further details at


  • 16 May 2022 by DigiBC

    To cap off Creative Technology Day, we’d like to highlight and acknowledge a few of the major awards and accolades that some of our members have received within the last year!

    Jennifer Twiner McCarron (CEO, Atomic Cartoons & Thunderbird)
    Women of the Year 2021: Canada's Most Incredible Women Leaders (Bay Street Bull)
    Most Influential Women in Business 2022 (Business in Vancouver)

    Sony Pictures Imageworks (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
    Nominee for ‘Best Visual Effects’ (Academy Awards)

    Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
    Opened one of the largest StageCraft LED volumes in North America

    Jeanne-Marie Owens (VP, Operations, Phoenix Labs)
    Top Forty Under 40 (Business in Vancouver)
    Appointed as the new DigiBC Games Group Chair

    Sony Pictures Imageworks (The Mitchells vs. The Machines)
    ‘Best Animated Feature’ (Critics Choice Awards)
    8 x categories (Annie Awards)
    Nominee for ‘Best Animated Feature’ (Academy Awards)

    DNEG (Dune)
    ‘Best Visuals Effects’ (Critics Choice Awards)
    ‘Best Visuals Effects’ (Academy Awards)

    'Special Visual Effects' (BAFTAs)
    4 x VES Awards

    Relic Entertainment (Age of Empires IV)
    'Best Sim / Strategy' (The Game Awards 2021)
    'Best PC Game' and 'Best Score/Soundtrack' (2022 Canadian Game Awards)
    'Strategy / Simulation Game of the Year’ (D.I.C.E. Awards)
    COO Heidi Eaves named as ‘Canada’s Best Boss’ ( Best Places To Work Awards 2021)

    Cloudhead Games (Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder)
    'Best VR/AR Game’ (2022 Canadian Game Awards)
    'Game Audio / Video - Virtual Reality (VR)' & ‘Best Indie Developer’ (NYX Game Awards)


  • 12 Apr 2022 by DigiBC

    The 2022 Canadian Game Awards & Indie Game Awards took place on April 7 & 8, and we'd like to congratulate all of the winners and nominees. A big thank you to Northern Arena for delivering yet another stellar show, and special shout outs to DigiBC members who picked up the following awards: Cloudhead Games won 'Best VR/AR Game' for Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder & Relic Entertainment won 'Best PC Game' and 'Best Score/Soundtrack' for Age of Empires IV.




  • 16 Mar 2022 by DigiBC

    Strawberry Fields Interactive Inc is a Vancouver-based innovation studio that was formed in 2019 by Danilo Correia and Thales Rodrigues. Their primary vision and mission for the company was to create highly sociable interactive experiences in the digital world. This became the basis for their virtual reality tabletop platform project, Aeksia, which has taken role-playing games to the next level. Aeksia is a virtual place where the tabletop experience and social interaction seamlessly blend, and players can meet to chat, create, play and stream campaigns. To put it simply: Tabletop RPG + social virtual reality + live streaming = Aeksia

    SFI has successfully raised around $1.6M CAD in funding to produce Aeksia, and the company is now looking to raise an additional $250k from private investors to close the gap of a $2M CAD production budget. SFI founders have confirmed they will be flying to San Francisco to attend GDC 2022 and are keen to meet with potential investors and publishers who would be interested in supporting the production of Aeksia. We recently caught up with SFI to see what’s been happening at the studio and what’s on the horizon.


    ►Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
    Danilo Correia is a producer with solid management experience in the areas of business development, digital marketing, operations, and community building. Since 2015, he has worked in the tech sector in several different roles including being the manager of the BC Tech Cube, a VR/AR co-working studio based in Vancouver that ceased its operations in 2019. Danilo has strong business connections in the global VR/AR industry and tabletop RPG communities, along with proficiency as a project manager in the game development and technical art fields. He created the first proof of concept for Aeksia and is now managing and directing the production and vision of the platform. 

    Thales Rodrigues is an experienced COO with a demonstrated history of working in the software development and marketing industries. Prior to forming SFI, Thales was the head of Blanko Agency where he led projects for such clients as Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, Itau Bank, AMBEV, Zendesk, Salesforce, Launch Academy, and Spring. Being an RPG player at heart, it’s no surprise he changed direction to co-found SFI. Now in the role of product manager, Thales is situated in the intersection of business, technology and usability where he researches best practices to define a vision, guide the development of the platform, and ensure consistency with future product offerings.

    What projects are you currently working on?

    SFI is bringing the tabletop RPG experience into the Metaverse with Aeksia. Part virtual tabletop, part social platform, Aeksia is a virtual world where role-playing game enthusiasts can meet to create, play and watch tabletop RPG campaigns. The platform is accessible by users with either a head-mounted display or a personal computer with a keyboard and mouse.

    We are in an age where playing in-person isn’t always possible, and this is not only because of the pandemic. More mature gamers are often busy with work and live too far from their friends to meet up, whereas this new generation of gamers is much more committed to the virtual world. With Aeksia, users can have that round-the-table experience, regardless of the distance, much like the real world but now in a 3D digital environment. Aeksia offers a way to merge the storytelling and social aspects of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) into a unique experience. It allows users to join fellow players and regale them with the exploits of their latest sessions, while the game master (GM) sets the scene with the help of 3D models, sound effects and ambient music. All from the comfort of their home!

    How would you describe your company culture?

    Aeksia started in an office with three developers working side-by-side at a single table. Their professional relationship has grown quickly — communication has been simple, fast, and effective — with no one too busy to help another. Collaborating in close proximity to each other creates an accessible, comfortable working environment. Roadblocks are handled in real-time, questions between departments and management are answered instantly across the table. Jon, the Development Team Lead, states this is the first time he’s worked on a team that feels like a living machine. Every part in its place and within reach — and all without delay. 

    The onboarding process still brings new members up to speed quickly. Detailed documentation of each member’s work allows tasks to be completed by any team member as needed. It’s a talented group with many overlapping skill sets. All developers are well versed in unity and C#. Each brings their own development specializations to the team. For every task or problem, there is always someone who either knows the answer, where to find solutions or is willing to learn how to do it on their own. They consider each other to be colleagues, friends, continuous learners, and mentors.

    What would you say sets SFI apart from other studios?

    The founders have a history in digital media and technology, and they are entrepreneurs having 15+ years of combined experience in management roles along with a strong network in the industry, most notably in VR/AR. A highly experienced and award-winning team of creatives continues to work on our project, from conceptualization and prototyping to production and marketing. SFI has established a number of key strategic relationships with funders, including Canada Media Fund (CMF), Creative BC Interactive Fund, Shred Capital and key industry leaders.

    The founders, collaborating with an executive producer and a product advisor, worked on successful rounds of financing to support the conceptualization and prototyping stages. The studio has been accepted into CMF's Innovation & Experimentation Program and is now embarking on the next stages of production and marketing. Industry leaders at Shred Capital are providing strategic support and bridge financing through to the next stages of product build and launch.

    Are there any other exciting facts about SFI we may not know about?
    The name of the company is inspired by The Beatles’ song, Strawberry Fields Forever.

    Are you currently hiring? If so, what are the open positions?
    The company will soon be opening positions for 3D modellers, illustrators, marketing, community managers and more.  In the meantime, current job vacancies can be found here: SFI Careers


  • 22 Feb 2022 by DigiBC

    Have a daughter, niece or sister who's curious about coding? As part of DigiBC's ongoing commitment to education for youth, we have partnered with UTG Academy and IUGO Mobile Entertainment again to create an online video game development camp for girls that will be held over spring break. This incredible opportunity is open to 8-13 year olds and no previous coding experience is necessary.

    The program is student-directed and project-based where campers will get to create an HTML5 game using PixelPAD and Python. UTG Instructors
    will tune the curriculum to ensure students are given the opportunity to write code, change gameplay, design levels, update sprites, re-skin their game, and create an app that is uniquely their own. This subsidized program is sponsored by IUGO Mobile Entertainment and will also feature female guest speakers from IUGO who will share their experiences, tips, and secrets from working in the video game industry.

    DigiBC's DigiCamp was created to give underrepresented youth in the province opportunities to learn skills, build confidence and broaden interest in careers within the creative technology sector. The camps we ran last summer were quite a success, and you can read the full recap report on how those went here.


    ***Both camps are now sold out***

    If you'd like to be placed on the waitlist, please call UTG Academy at 604-700-9931

      March 14-18 (SOLD OUT)  March 21-25 (SOLD OUT)

    Days/Time: M-F, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
    Location: Online (Zoom)
    Ages: 8-13
    Cost: $125

  • 24 Jan 2022 by DigiBC

    Colin Van Loon (Operations Manager, IM4 Media Lab) was recently interviewed by TechvangArt about his captivating VR experience, This is Not a Ceremony, which just had its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The project mixes documentary type of testimony with symbols, humor, poetry and metaphoric visual-imaginary elements.

    Immersed in the virtual environment, your guides are two Indigenous trickster poets that accompany you – sometimes with caustic humor – on a journey to bear witness to indigenous injustice. They are accompanied by Matriarchs and Inii (buffalo) that rule this virtual realm and lead with kindness, bringing us face-to-face with some of the grim realities Indigenous Peoples have experienced.


    Click here to read the full interview


  • 20 Jan 2022 by DigiBC

    Applications for the Women in Animation (WIA) Mentorship Program Spring 2022 will open on February 16. Want to learn more about the application process? Then make sure to sign up for their upcoming Q&A session taking place on January 25. The WIA Mentorship Program connects women, transgender and non-binary artists at all levels to great mentors who can help them achieve their career goals and next steps in their careers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!