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Over 600 students took Play to Learn as part of the DigiBC Program

Knowledge & Learning
Increasing Knowledge of STEAM Careers

Play to Learn helps students understand how STEAM skills translate into STEAM careers. This skill translation begins with learning about foundational STESM skills like data analysis, the engineering design process, and concepts related to software development. DigiBC students’ assessment scores increased by 98% (from 40 to 79 out of 100). Nationally, assessment scores increased by an average of 80%.



Preparing for a STEAM Future 

Building Interest in STEAM Learning 


Play to Learn reinforces key STEAM skills and mindsets while encouraging students to connect these skills with future careers. This real-world context shows students how to leverage what they are learning in their math and science classes today and over the rest of their academic career into a STEAM career in the future.


Seeing Themselves in STEAM

Reaching Students Who Do Not Identify as the ‘STEAM Type’

Early adolescence is a critical time for STEAM education. How students feel about STEAM subjects at this age can dramatically impact future options and choices. Play to Learn aims to encourage all students even those who might not think a STEAM career is them – to see themselves in a career utilizing STEAM topics. After Play to Learn, students who initially said they were not interested in a STEAM career begin to reconsider. These students saw careers that excited them, could imagine themselves in that career, and these students started thinking about next steps to pursue a STEAM career.



Teacher Perspective

Building STEAM Career Interest

Teachers agree that Play to Learn is effective at engaging their students and encouraging their interest in STEAM. Based on feedback from 97 teachers who used Play to Learn during the 2020-2021 school year, two thirds of teachers say that Play to Learn presents STEAM careers to students in a more engaging way than other programs. And an overwhelming majority of teachers (94%) agree that Play to Learn helps their students make critical connections between STEAM concepts and future careers.

Based on Data from EverFi Teacher Surveys conducted during the 2020-2021 school year.



What Teachers Are Saying

This course applies to kids with varying levels of abilities and it helps simulate real life scenarios that show the skills required.

The student engagement in this program was great! It piqued their curiosity!

Coming from a rural area, some of these kids would never know about these  types of careers without this program.

Teacher Ratings