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Micro-Credential Programs

Creative Technology Micro-Credential Programs

DigiBC has partnered with Vancouver Community College, Centre for Digital Media, BCIT, and Emily Carr University of Art and Design on post-secondary micro-credential programs for the creative technology sector.

Our milestone report, Benchmarking the Creative Technology Ecosystem in British Columbia, highlighted that although the creative technology sector in BC is among the fastest growing and well paying, a shortage of talent remains a key challenge for companies. The micro-credential programs we are supporting will create a bridge between the creative technology industry and British Columbians looking to upskill or reskill and take advantage of the opportunities in the sector.

"Micro-credentials offer novel opportunities for people to pursue a career in this dynamic sector — from recent grads looking to develop specialized skills, to workers reskilling from adjacent industries, to existing creative tech staffers upskilling for career advancement. This collaboration between government, industry and post-secondary institutions is a first for our sector, and will allow these programs to stay current with the industry needs and technology shifts that will support job growth and the changing demands of this expanding workforce.” - Loc Dao, Executive Director, DigiBC



StrongerBC Future Skills Grant

The StrongerBC Future Skills Grant provides funding to British Columbians aged 19 years or older – regardless of financial need – and covers up to $3,500 in eligible short-term skills training at public post-secondary institutions. The program has already registered learners in over 11,300 seats across the province, helping them access high-quality and relevant training opportunities.  

As jobs transform and rapid training is required, people will be able to increase their skills, succeed in their current jobs, get better paid jobs, adapt to current and future labour market conditions and be better equipped for the new global economy. For businesses, this means that over the next three years, there will be thousands of newly trained workers and existing workers with enhanced skills ready to fill in-demand positions.

Winter Semester: January–March 2024
Funding under the future skills grant program will be available in the winter 2024 semester for only those learners who initiated a program of study in the fall 2023 semester using their future skills grant funding of $3,500 and whose program extended beyond that first semester (midstream learners).




Award of Achievement in Project Management for Video Games
Cost: $1163
Next Term: January 10 - April 10, 2024 (Wednesdays, 6:15-9:15pm)
Type/Format: Part-time, In-person (VCC downtown campus)

This micro-credential will provide learners with the industry-identified skills of team management, interpersonal relations, reporting, communication, and task management, all within the context of the video game sector. Ideal for those reskilling from adjacent industries or trained programmers, artists and designers looking to successfully transition into a project management role. Instruction will emphasize practical skills and knowledge development through interactive and collaborative learning activities, including case studies and independent research.

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Award of Achievement in Production for Animation and VFX
Cost: $1879
Next Term: January 9 - April 16, 2024 (Tuesdays, 6-9pm)
Type/Format: Part-time, HyFlex (includes options to participate in-person or remotely at the same time, enabling learners to engage with each other during interactive activities)

This micro-credential emphasizes specialized training for production roles at animation and VFX studios. Students will enhance their skills in scheduling, presentation, communication, leadership, documentation, and more. Instruction will include interactive and collaborative learning activities, as well as case studies and independent research. Offered part-time to support working professionals who are seeking reskilling and upskilling opportunities for their career.

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Career Prep for Comp Sci & Creative Tech Careers
Type: Part-time, Online
Dates: June 5-26, 2024 //
Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm
Cost: $600 +GST

Want to land a technical role in the creative and technology industries? Learn how you can stand out in the competitive job market. This will focus on the job hunt process and provide industry-informed insights on what recruiters and interview committees are looking for in applications for technical roles. It will focus on specific language and structures expected in resumes and cover letters as well as interviews for these types of roles.

What will you learn? 

  • Nail the Interview: Gain the confidence to shine during technical job interviews
  • Craft Winning Applications: Create resumes and cover letters with insider tips from a certified career coach
  • Valuable Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your job application from industry experts
  • Mock Interviews: Practice with HR professionals within the creative technology industry

Who is this for? 

  • International students in computer science and creative-technology programs 
  • Newcomers including potential PNP Tech Stream candidates who are preparing to enter creative-technology careers 





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Intercultural Skills for Success in Creative Tech
Type: Part-time, Online, Self-paced
Dates: June 5 - July 4, 2024

Cost: $600 +GST

Don't let your intercultural communication skills hold you back from excelling in your role. This program provides insights on common intercultural and interpersonal dynamics within the local creative and technology workplace. You will gain a foundational understanding of intercultural communication, key vocabulary around the concepts, and an opportunity to apply this knowledge to real case studies collected from various workplaces settings.

What will you learn?

  • Determine personal values and how they align in your work setting
  • Discuss intercultural communication theories and relate them to your own experiences in the creative technology workplace
  • Work in groups to analyze common intercultural miscommunication and their impacts in the creative technology workplace through real world case studies
  • Build intercultural competency to communicate more effectively in intercultural, multidisciplinary work settings
  • Apply intercultural communication techniques to discuss and resolve an intercultural issue 

    Who is this for?
  • Anyone working in a creative or technology workplace who wants to improve their intercultural communication skills and work more effectively in teams 





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Leadership and Agile Production Management
Type: Part-time, Online
Dates: January 24 - March 17, 2024 //
Wednesdays 4-6pm
Cost: $1575 +GST



This micro-credential will equip you with a broad understanding of management and leadership through agile and hybrid methodologies (watergile). You will develop essential skills (principles, concepts, tools, and techniques) for people management while exploring leadership management practices and tools. This course will also address remote/hybrid work models. 

Iterative development has become more commonplace in many software and technology companies. The biggest obstacle for successful iterative development is understanding the role of management and leadership on adaptive pipelines. To succeed as a project manager, scrum master, producer, project coordinator, or team leader in a digital media and/or technology environment, individuals must be able to lead teams to efficiency and effectiveness. 




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Communication for Team-Based Collaboration

Type: Part-time, online
Length: 6 weeks

Winter Term: February 23 - March 29, 2024
Cost: $339.88

This course is for students who would like to hone their skills and experience around working with a team and collaborating effectively in groups. Learn to apply theoretical concepts of inter-professional collaboration, professional empathy, conflict resolution, intercultural, and interpersonal communication. Students will implement theories and communication practices to create a charter, progress report, and final report. Students will also practice reflexivity by analyzing their individual performance and contributions to the team through self-reflection activities.



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Creative Technology Fundamentals (CTF)

Type: Part-time
Length: varies per course
varies per course

Build the skills you need for jobs in animation, visual effects and video games. Did you know that the creative technology sector in BC is among the country’s fastest-growing and highest-paying? The rapid growth of the sector means there is an immediate demand for qualified candidates to fill a range of roles.

The most sought-after hires in creative tech possess three kinds of skills: technical, creative and collaborative. The CTF introductory courses are designed for beginners and provide training in these three core areas. Additionally, the small class sizes and practice-based approach offer a welcoming space with live sessions and one-on-one guidance from instructors. Pursue a career in the creative tech job market by focusing your learning on where it matters most.




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