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DigiBC Launches Innovative Work Placement Program for Creative Technology Sector

DigiBC Launches Innovative Work Placement Program for Creative Technology Sector

Vancouver, BC, May 27, 2024 — DigiBC, the Creative Technology Industry Association of British Columbia, proudly announced today the launch of an innovative pilot program aimed at creating new work placement opportunities for post-secondary students in the creative technology sector within British Columbia.

The Work Placement Pilot Project will provide students with access to well-managed work placements, along with the additional resources and connections they need to launch a successful career in animation, visual effects, video games, or extended reality. Participating employers will benefit from support structures to make hiring and onboarding students easier and more accessible than ever.

Beginning in September 2024, the program will provide 170 student placements at creative technology companies across the province over 16 months. Students participating in the program will have access to customized orientation workshops, e-learning resources, mentoring support, and the opportunity to start building their professional network in the industry.

“The Work Placement Pilot Project is a direct result of a years-long collaboration between the creative technology industry, academic partners, and the Province of B.C.’s Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills. The program gives students the critical support they need to launch a rewarding career in our sector. It also incentivizes employers to invest in the next generation of creative tech talent.” - Loc Dao, Executive Director, DigiBC

DigiBC’s Work Placement Office will partner with creative tech employers and post-secondary institutions across the province. The program matches students with meaningful work opportunities suited to their passions and talents. It also helps employers identify and secure the necessary financial support to subsidize qualifying placements while optimizing the student onboarding and placement process.

This exciting new program from DigiBC represents an investment in the future of British Columbia’s vibrant creative technology sector. By providing students with valuable work experience and employers with support to hire and nurture promising talent, the Work Placement Pilot Project intends to strengthen our province’s standing as a global hub for innovation in creative technology. The program’s success will be closely monitored and evaluated to incrementally improve the program and serve many more students and employers in future years.


Work Placement Pilot Project Website


The Work Placement Pilot Project is supported by the British Columbia Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skill’s Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program with funding from the Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement.

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships program helps industry and employers understand and respond to labour market changes, and provides funding to organizations within an economic sector, region, or population, to develop projects that help respond to workforce challenges.