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Creative Tech Talent Pipeline Strategy

Creative Technology Talent Pipeline Strategy

Key pathways to a robust and equitable talent pool for B.C.'s creative technology sector

Report: Growth Strategy for B.C.'s Creative Technology Talent Pipeline

Following the publication of the benchmarking report, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training (AEST) approved our application for funding to continue this important work for the sector. The second phase of this project focused on strategy development to support key recommendations identified in the study, including increased visibility of creative technology career paths, improved collaboration with post-secondary institutions, development of mentorship programs, and tools and resources to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion across the sector. 
Levelling Up: Growth Strategy for BC’s Creative Technology Talent Pipeline examines how industry, educators, and government can work together to ensure all British Columbians are aware of and have access to the spectrum of career opportunities available across creative technology. The report identifies critical building blocks that can be leveraged throughout the creative technology ecosystem in B.C. to attract, educate, hire, and support the next generation of workers. The strategy report has received input and support from government, industry, and academic partners.



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