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  • 30 Jun 2022 by DigiBC

    Gaming for Good is a livestream gaming fundraiser that Canuck Place is running from July 1-31. It is a way for gamers to give back and take on their very own gaming challenge to support over 800 children with life-threatening illnesses in BC and the Yukon. By signing up you will help Canuck Place continue to provide a place where kids can be kids, and help children and families celebrate life by providing opportunities for play, fun and connection. Canuck Place will be inviting the top six fundraisers to their six-hour Gaming for Good Grand Finale, hosted by The Gaming Stadium on August 5, where each streamer will have a one-hour window to hit new fundraising milestones!



    To get involved, it’s just three easy steps:

    1. Sign-up & Create a Tiltify Fundraising Page
      • Register on the Sign-up Page
      • Create a Tiltify fundraising page and set your goal along with any milestones, share your story and link your stream directly to your fundraising profile page
    2. Choose Your Challenge & Date
      • Create your very own unique challenge or choose from a suggested challenge in the toolkit
    3. Use the Fundraising Tools to Meet Your Gaming Goal


  • 24 Jun 2022 by DigiBC

    The IDEA-Lab is a new project that would be of interest to companies looking to accelerate growth. It will be commencing in October, and it is co-funded and subsidized by the Digital Supercluster. The program can enable a DigiBC member company anywhere in BC to rapidly increase and improve its innovation capability to overcome growth-inhibiting challenges and make the most of business opportunities. This includes emerging markets, new and better business models, innovative marketing strategies and more.

    IDEA-Lab will work with up-and-coming innovation leaders within selected BC-based small and medium sized companies and run them through a talent incubator created within their organization. Through a practical framework, IDEA-Lab will work hand-in-hand with these companies looking to inject a continuous supply of fresh ideas and strategies that will evolve their businesses and grow revenue faster. To spark creativity, the chosen individuals will be diverse, curious, adaptable, collaborative, and growth minded. Led by Evolve Strategies Corp., in partnership with DigiBC and the YWCA Metro Vancouver, the IDEA-Lab program will:
    • Help more small and medium sized companies with their innovation and diversity strategies
    • Identify and recruit innovation champions in the tech sector, focusing first on mid-level leaders who by nature are curious, creative, collaborative and open-minded
    • Focus on building diversity through inclusion of underrepresented groups, including Indigenous peoples, racialized Canadians and members of the LGBTQ community
    • Deliver experiential, social and self-directed learning modules for innovation champions
    • Support leaders in transforming procedures, products and corporate culture to drive growth beyond the pandemic

    The IDEA-Lab consortium will initially produce a report that aggregates feedback from 50 or more companies to pinpoint innovation challenges to inform the longer-term focus of IDEA-Lab. The team will also develop an interactive learning component with course descriptions, lesson plans and assessment materials to enable the program to carry on with new cohorts in other industries.


    Rob Gilfoyle, President, Evolve Strategies Corp


  • 18 Jun 2022 by DigiBC

    DigiBC, in partnership with Nordicity, has launched a survey of the XR industry in BC. The goal of this is to capture and determine the size and orientation of the industry, and to do that we need your help! We are seeking input from a wide range of industry members and organizations to learn about what XR companies in BC are creating and what they perceive the industry’s growth trajectory to look like over the next 1-5 years.



    Will take 10-15 mins to complete

    Open until July 15

    Note: DigiBC has engaged the consultancy Nordicity to analyze the survey results as a neutral, independent third party. Your responses will be treated confidentially, and will only be released in aggregate (i.e., never on an individual basis).  

    Who should complete this questionnaire?
    This survey questionnaire is best completed by someone in your company with in-depth knowledge of corporate financial and human resource information, as well as your company’s strategic direction. If you are not the appropriate person to be completing this survey, please forward this email to the individual best able to answer the questions.

    Share the link!
    Do you know of other companies in BC working in immersive media that should participate? You can share this public survey link below with your network: 

    Please contact: Jocelyn Pogorbsky (Sr Consultant, Nordicity) -