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  • 21 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

    Kids can experience what it’s like to build the games, animations, and movies they love. These courses are all taught live by industry professionals in small online classes with lots of one-on-one guidance. In addition to creating a mini show reel, students will also learn important life-long skills such as problem-solving, enhanced critical thinking, and developing positive relationships. There's no previous experience required to enjoy these fun and rewarding classes, so it's ideal for those who are new to 2D and 3D training. Choose from the following three courses: Intro to 2D Animation in Toon Boom Harmony, Intro to 3D in Maya or Intro to 2D Game Design.



    Ages: 12-19
    Dates: July 19-30, 2021
    Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 10:00AM-2:00PM
    Location: Online (Think Tank's Portal platform)
    Cost: $699




    • Small classes - 10 students per class
    • STEAM focused education
    • Fun learning centered experiences
    • Professional community
    • Problem solving and enhanced critical thinking
    • Positive relationships
    • Digital literacy - work with digital tools on Think Tank's proprietary online platform, Portal



  • 21 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

    This summer, DigiBC has partnered with Under the GUI (UTG) Academy to bring you an online game development camp for girls! The program is student-directed and project-based where campers will get to create an HTML5 game using PixelPAD and Python. UTG instructors (Lydia Assion-Nielsen, Mia Gieselmann & Linda Lee) will tune the curriculum to ensure students are given the opportunity to write code, change gameplay, design levels, update sprites, re-skin their game, and create an app that is uniquely their own. 

    The subsidized program is sponsored by IUGO Mobile Entertainment (a DigiBC member) and will also feature guest speakers, Amie Hulme (Technical Director, IUGO), Thais Campos (Quality Analyst, IUGO), and Reina Magica (Game Designer, IUGO) who will share their experiences, tips, and secrets from working in the video game industry. 

    This incredible opportunity is open to all girls 9-13 years old and no previous coding experience is necessary. UTG programs are centered on values rather than perfection, with a philosophy to education that is focused on supporting student motivations while challenging them to innovate, think critically, and solve problems with the latest technology. Additionally, the camp will be held online over Zoom so it can be taken from anywhere!




    Ages: 9-13
    Days: Monday-Friday
    Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM PDT
    Dates: August 9-13, 2021
    Location: Online (Zoom)
    Cost: $125

  • 17 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

    The Department of Canadian Heritage is inviting all artists and content creators to participate in the Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey. The purpose of this survey is to help create an updated portrait of the artistic and creative community in Canada. This data gathering is important to help ensure policies and programs continue to be responsive to the sector’s reality. The survey will help develop a better understanding of the realities and experiences in Canada prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How to participate?
    The survey is available online from May 10 to July 2 and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.
    Who should participate?
    Anyone in Canada aged 16 or older who does creative or artistic work as an important component of their professional identity, whether on their own time, freelance or with organizations — either full-time or alongside other jobs, at any point in their career stage.
    The survey is open, but not limited to:
    • writers such as fiction and non-fiction book authors, playwrights, poets, screenwriters, technical writers
    • visual artists such as painters, craft artisans, designers, illustrators, installation artists, video game designers, concept artists, photographers, printmakers
    • performing artists such as actors, choreographers, circus artists, comedians, dancers, mimes, puppeteers, spoken word artists, storytellers
    • musical artists such as composers, musicians, singers, songwriters
    • audiovisual directors working in film, television, video games or other digital media productions, including on social media
    Share your voice and help develop a more complete and grounded picture of the economic circumstances affecting you and your creative practice. This survey is an opportunity to give policymakers a view into your lived experiences as an artist or member of the creative community working in Canada. Don’t miss it, and don’t let your creative friends and peers miss it either!

  • 08 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

    Interactive Ontario has organized the following B2B matchmaking event for VR/AR and IDM studios that are in the position to build tangible relationships for exploring co-development and co-production projects with international partners. They have opened up attendance for this event to include studios from across Canada.



    Date: June 16-17, 2021
    Time: 5:00AM-1:00PM PDT Both Days
    Cost: $50 DigiBC Member // $100 Non-Member


    Book introductory 1:1 meetings and discover new opportunities with various IDM, Video Game, Immersive (VR/AR) and other screen-based companies from: 

    • Denmark
    • France
    • Germany
    • Luxembourg
    • Northern Ireland

    The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has International Incentive agreements for the co-development and/or co-production of interactive digital media projects. As consumers have growing access to content from all corners of the world, interactive digital media companies can benefit greatly from working together on the international front. Germany, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg and Denmark have historically had agreements with the CMF, which provide financial support for such projects. France doesn't have one yet but wants to encourage co-productions.


    • You don't need to have a project in mind, so can still participate as long as you want to explore potential partnerships.
    • Details on Germany's agreement can be found here. Agreements with the other countries have not been announced as of yet.
    • Check out the Interactive Ontario website for further information and additional co-production/development resources.


  • 04 Jun 2021 by DigiBC
    DMG Toronto is a nonprofit organization that provides free education, social support and community for queer and gender-marginalized artists working in games, immersive and interactive media. Their annual Damage Camp Conference is going remote this year, so you don't have to be in Toronto to attend! The virtual event includes a month of workshops, panels and discussions that will take place every Saturday (11AM-2PM PST) starting June 5. The focus of each session will be finding and fostering financial stability for marginalized game makers across Canada.
    June 5: Defining Social Impact (Talk)
    June 12: Exploring Avenues For Financial Sustainability (Panel)
    June 19: Legal Primer For Games Workers (Talk)
    June 26: Incorporating As a Studio: When, How, Why (Panel)