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Co-Production Marketplace: Discover Opportunities with International Counterparts (June 16-17)

Co-Production Marketplace: Discover Opportunities with International Counterparts (June 16-17)
08 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

Interactive Ontario has organized the following B2B matchmaking event for VR/AR and IDM studios that are in the position to build tangible relationships for exploring co-development and co-production projects with international partners. They have opened up attendance for this event to include studios from across Canada.



Date: June 16-17, 2021
Time: 5:00AM-1:00PM PDT Both Days
Cost: $50 DigiBC Member // $100 Non-Member


Book introductory 1:1 meetings and discover new opportunities with various IDM, Video Game, Immersive (VR/AR) and other screen-based companies from: 

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Northern Ireland

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has International Incentive agreements for the co-development and/or co-production of interactive digital media projects. As consumers have growing access to content from all corners of the world, interactive digital media companies can benefit greatly from working together on the international front. Germany, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg and Denmark have historically had agreements with the CMF, which provide financial support for such projects. France doesn't have one yet but wants to encourage co-productions.


  • You don't need to have a project in mind, so can still participate as long as you want to explore potential partnerships.
  • Details on Germany's agreement can be found here. Agreements with the other countries have not been announced as of yet.
  • Check out the Interactive Ontario website for further information and additional co-production/development resources.