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Canada Media Fund Board of Directors: Appointment Opportunity

Canada Media Fund Board of Directors: Appointment Opportunity
11 Oct 2022 by DigiBC

Are you passionate about TV, film, video games or digital media? Are you a leader in the cultural sector and interested in the future of audiovisual media in Canada? The Government of Canada is looking for an experienced, future-oriented individual to join the board of the largest audiovisual content fund in Canada.

  • This is a part-time role starting in winter 2023 and is for a term of approximately three years (up to spring 2025)
  • Members of equity-deserving communities and those with relevant experience who are independent from the CMF, its funders and beneficiaries are encouraged to apply
  • Applications are being accepted until October 23


The ideal candidate is one who is capable of envisioning the many opportunities on the horizon for Canadian audiovisual content development, production, distribution, and promotion in any format and on any platform, and who is ready to take a leadership role in positioning the sector as a whole to benefit. The candidate requires a high level of independence from all funders and beneficiaries of the CMF program in Canada’s screen industries.

The CMF is a cornerstone of the Canadian audiovisual content production sector, supporting the development and production of audiovisual content in a wide variety of formats, including video games, traditional television shows, web series, and more. It is an active and important influencer in the sector, and as a member of its Board of Directors, you will be at the forefront of the significant evolution facing the sector and will help to chart a course forward.