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Respectful Workplace Funding

Respectful Workplace Funding
18 Jan 2019 by DigiBC

DigiBC is pleased to have been chosen as a recipient of the Creative BC Respectful Workplace, Diversity and Gender Parity Fund. We will use this to enhance diversity and inclusion in the creative tech sector and to create template policies for our member companies to adopt into their studios at no cost to them.

Most tech studios hold a view that we are doing reasonably well in regard to attracting diverse talent, but when we look at the data, we are often surprised by how homogeneous we actually are. In this time of huge competition for talent, we have to ensure we are drawing on the whole pool of talent and not relying on hiring people who are only like those doing the hiring.

In order to make sure people of diverse backgrounds have a great experience once they join our companies, we need to ensure we offer respectful workplaces. Research indicates that the recruitment of people from diverse backgrounds often fails due to not having the inclusion side of the equation in place. That’s where respectful workplace training comes in. Respectful workplaces display integrity and professionalism, practice fairness and understanding, demonstrate respect for individual rights and differences and encourages accountability for one's actions. Respectful workplaces are free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, mental ability or ancestry. Business with respectful workplaces may have a strong advantage in the competition for talent.

We have partnered with Women in Animation Vancouver (WIA) and Women in Games Vancouver (WIG’eh) to deliver on this initiative. Our four-part plan is as follows:

  1. DATA - complete a diversity audit so we can see where we are today and measure growth in the future
  4. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION – create policies and procedures for use by all member studios

We are currently forming our committee to implement this strategy. If you have interest, please contact