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Insomnia Gaming Festival Egypt 2019

Insomnia Gaming Festival Egypt 2019
11 Dec 2018 by DigiBC

Next year will be the launch of the second edition of the Insomnia Gaming Festival. This is Egypt's biggest games festival and will take place in Cairo from October 31 - November 2 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. The participation of so many companies is what made the first Insomnia Egypt a huge hit and something that has never been done before with the games industry in Egypt. They welcomed over 10,000 people and the crowd ranged from hardcore gamers and cosplayers to casual gamers and their families. Festival zones included Mobile Gaming, VR/AR, Esports Tournaments, Cosplayers, Retail & Expo, and Kids & Families.

New for 2019:

  • Educational Games: Due to the rapid increase in population (100m+), there is  a huge demand in Egypt for educational games & solutions
  • B2B: After receiving inquiries from government and service providers, they are introducing a B2B section at the event that will consist of a conference and exhibition discussing the latest games, technologies, services, solutions and potential business opportunities available in Egypt and the Middle East

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced the launch of a government initiative to train 10,000 young Egyptians to become game programmers and developers over the next three years. Additionally, the government will offer support in the establishment of 100 companies specializing in these sectors in Egypt and across the African continent.

Are you looking to expand your work into the Middle East? It’s become a huge, lucrative market and this is an exceptional opportunity for anyone with an education strategy or is working with educational software. If you are interested in taking part or would like further details, then get in touch with:

Karim Abu-Seif
Business Development Manager


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