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Featured Studio: Waterproof Studios

Featured Studio: Waterproof Studios
16 Apr 2018 by DigiBC

Established in 2011 by Vancouver based CG animation and VFX industry professionals, Waterproof Studios is a full-service production studio dedicated to the creation of innovative content for the games, film, TV and animation industries. Their talented in-house team of artists, editors, designers, directors, and producers provide a high-quality artistic vision, technical expertise, management, and direction to all their projects from pre-production to final delivery. The studio strives to provide their clients with first-rate solutions and a co-operative and creative environment for all their production and branding needs.


Waterproof has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment such as Warner Brothers, Sony, 2K, Electronic Arts and Nickelodeon, and they boast a resume of projects that include
Mortal Kombat X, Splinter Cell, Injustice 2, Fairly Odd Parents, XCOM 2, Final Fantasy and many others. Currently, they have two unannounced AAA cinematic projects in production, a unique augmented reality (AR) marketing project on the go, and their first animated feature film in development. Future plans include moving into animated feature films and working on some of the biggest game IP’s in the world.



Located in a spacious 14,200 square foot facility in Vancouver, they describe their office environment as very laid-back. The studio believes work is work, but it should be fun and somewhere you want to go every day. Thus, they pride themselves on having flexibility with staff and recognize that having a work/life balance is vital for employees.

Waterproof is currently hiring for a variety of roles including previs artists, animators, Unreal artists, TDs, and production staff. Check their website for further details and to apply -