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Code Coven: the first games industry-focused bootcamp for women

Code Coven: the first games industry-focused bootcamp for women
22 May 2019 by DigiBC

Have you heard of Code Coven? It’s the first video game industry-focused bootcamp for women offering development in technical skills, professional skills, and portfolio. Remote and flexible, women will be able to work with other women at a time that suits their schedule. Founded in 2018 by CEO, Tara Mustapha, it was created in response to the shortage of female developers in the video game world. Code Coven seeks to provide women with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the games industry. Curious to know more? We had a quick Q&A with Tara to get further info on what Code Coven is all about.

How many types of courses does Code Coven offer? Are they full-time or part-time?
We are launching with two pilot courses centered on development with Unity, an introductory class for those with no prior experience and an advanced class. All courses are part-time, designed to accommodate those who have full-time jobs, caregivers and more the opportunity to invest in their growth while taking care of their responsibilities.

Are the courses done online or in person?
All courses are online, and we use a core hour system which creates a sense of camaraderie and connection within the class.

How much does it cost?
Our pilot classes are priced at $549 USD and can be paid in full or installments.

How are your courses different from the ones offered at other training schools?
With four principals at its heart (innovation, guidance, empowerment, and experience), Code Coven plans to go beyond being just an online coding bootcamp – the aim is to nurture new and existing talent, create networking opportunities, help participants find employment and most importantly, work towards redressing the gender imbalance in the gaming world. Our courses are holistic, addressing not only the acquisition of technical skill but also the comfort and confidence needed to apply that knowledge. Our programs incorporate on-the-job training, giving the participants' portfolio pieces and game credits for their work with our partner studios. Our goal is to empower woman to achieve their ambitions and drive change in their environments.

Who would benefit most from taking one of your courses?
Our beginner classes empower students in gaining a technical foundation to improve communication and efficiency within teams, from producers, artists, designers, and QA. Our advanced courses allow students to apply their knowledge to other projects, giving them the training and confidence to be able to take these skills back to their studios effectively.

Do students need to have any previous training or work experience is a certain field before signing up?

Our beginner classes do not have a technical requisite, our advanced classes require either work experience or the completion of a small programming project defined by us.

Who are the instructors? How do you pick them?

Our Unity instructor, Francesca Carletto-Leon, has been working in games and technology in a variety of roles including community management and production. Her development work is highly multidisciplinary and includes digital, tabletop, and alternative controller projects. In 2016 She co-founded an independent game studio called Contigo Games. She holds a BS in Interactive Media & Game Development from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MFA in Game Design from New York University. We will be announcing more of our instructors in the next few weeks, all of them impressive and experienced women from games and technology.

What are some of the possible jobs/career path options someone would have after completing a course?

This all depends on the student's prior experience, our motivation is that they are able to enter or continue in the career in the games industry and that they see greater success in their career management.