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Cloud Accounting with DMCL

Cloud Accounting with DMCL
06 Feb 2018 by DigiBC

Keeping proper books has long been considered a necessary evil for business owners. They either struggle doing it themselves or end up hiring someone and then lose touch with the financial health of their company. To alleviate these issues, DMCL has created a department that leverages the ever-evolving technologies available to us.  Their Cloud Accounting team can help to take much of these bookkeeping pains away by working collaboratively with clients to keep accurate books and timely financial statements.

Here are a few key benefits to moving your existing books into the cloud and the hands of DMCL’s Cloud Accounting experts:

  1. Increased efficiency

    • Banking integration allows for downloading of transactions to reduce data entry

    • Accounting data is automatically backed up

    • DMCL will see the same accounting data as you at all times

    • You can work from any browser or device

  2. Access to specialized apps

    • Photograph receipts for easy recordkeeping

    • Payroll processing

    • Document storage

    • Payment automation (aka no more cheques!)

  3. More trust in your books at all times

    • Training and support provided

    • Data will be current and accurate

    • Helps with CRA compliance (Sales Tax, Payroll, Corporate)

    • Financing and tax planning decisions as required

  4. DMCL has you covered

    • They have extensive experience with QuickBooks Online

    • Access to discounts on monthly subscription fees for clients

DMCL is an independent Vancouver-based accounting firm with 20 partners and over 180 professional and support personnel. They are entrepreneurs at heart and are recognized for their expertise in audit and assurance, accounting, taxation and business advisory for public and private companies, not-for-profits and owner-managed businesses.

If you have any questions about moving your business to cloud accounting, please contact Cory Stewart or a DMCL advisor.