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Apply for the IP BC Pilot Program

Apply for the IP BC Pilot Program
18 Jan 2023 by DigiBC

New IP optioning pilot program for production companies based in BC.

The IP BC Pilot Program supports the pre-development of fiction, documentary and animated series, feature films and one-off programs for television and streamer platform networks and for theatrical distribution, via specific funding to enable the optioning of Intellectual Property by BC-based production companies, with an enhanced focus on optioning IP for adaptation that originates in BC or was created by a BC-based creator.

Examples of pre-existing creative and cultural IP properties include but are not limited to novels, creative non-fiction books, comics, podcasts, songs, magazine articles, video games and stage plays. Ultimately this program will improve the competitive position of BC-based production companies seeking to develop, produce and sell Canadian-owned content in domestic and international markets.



Apply by January 31, 2023