DigiBC COVID-19 Weekly Update

DigiBC COVID-19 Weekly Update
17 Apr 2020 by DigiBC

DigiBC recognizes that our members are having an array of business challenges during this crisis, ranging from a few issues to very significant business threats. As your trade association, we are working to ensure our industry, as diverse as it is, comes out of this in the most positive way possible. Our weekly updates will have pertinent information on government policies, industry responses, and tips on getting through this challenging time. Please feel free to contact us if there is something you think should be included or if there's an issue that your business would like help with. We are here for you! Please note, the info from each of our weekly updates gets consolidated into our COVID-19 Member Resources.

Week of April 17, 2020

Government Announcements / Policies / Funding

Industry-Related News

Signal Boosting / #GiveBack / How Can I Help?

DigiBC is working with two of our member studios, FlowMotion Entertainment and East Side Games to structure two fundraising options that the BC video games community will be able to participate in.

  • Backpack Buddies is a local charity which pivoted to provide food for hungry children. Some kids lost access to a source of reliable food when schools closed. Backpack Buddies serves children across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and provided 1,600 meals to needy children last week alone!
  • East Side Games recognized that while we are asking kids to go online and connect to their classrooms, not all BC students have the same access to technology. DigiBC and ESG are in collaboration to create a program that will deliver laptops to Indigenous students who need them.



DigiBC News

DigiMusic 2020 has officially launched! Do you know any high school students who are stuck at home during COVID-19 and would want to take part in a creative challenge that blends music with technology? DigiBC is proud to announce the launch of DigiMusic 2020, a music composition challenge for students in British Columbia.

Young musicians and composers of all varieties are invited to create an original piece of music for a video game or animated film clip taken from world-famous products that were made in BC. All worksheets and instructional guides are available at no cost, and the materials align with the BC school curriculum since they were developed in collaboration with professional music educators. Submissions are open until the end of May and further details can be found here.


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Upcoming Virtual Events of Interest

April 19: Submission Deadline for ESAC Student Video Game Competition

April 24: F*ckup Nights Canada - Quarantine Edition vol.1

April 25: P.V.P. Pitch Circuit - On Air

April 30: Submission Deadline for SFF Youth Innovation Showcase