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British Columbia is home to some of the world’s most well-known video game, animation and visual effects companies employing thousands of people with all types of different skill-sets and talents. Have you ever thought that a career in creative tech might be something you’re interested in? DigiMusic is a music challenge that gives you a small taste of what it’s like to combine creativity and technology, as we challenge you to compose music for a video game or animated movie clip which have all been created right here in BC!

Video Quick Links:


2020 Challenge Clips

NHL 20
Electronic Arts Vancouver

The Last Kids on Earth
Atomic Cartoons

Homeworld 3
Blackbird Interactive

Phoenix Labs

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DigiMusic Workshops

Session 1: Intro to Music Technology

Get familiar with music technology and its history as you learn about DAWs and MIDI, the impact of music in video games, and an introduction into some of the tools you can use to create music!

Session 2: Rhythm & Tempo

Learn to create a wide variety of rhythms, from simple to complex, layered, and more, while thinking about the overall emotions you want to convey in your piece. Experiment with changing tempos of your composition.

Session 3: Melody

Identify iconic motifs and learn what makes them memorable. Apply this to your own music, creating melodic phrases that lead the listener on a musical journey that tells a story.

Session 4: Harmony & Texture

Learn how to build intensity, invoke calmness, or generate excitement when crafting harmonies, and build depth and richness through musical textures.

Session 5: Timbre & Soundscape

Discover what instruments will create the sound you’re looking for through colour and light/dark, to convey the attributes of a character, emotion, place or mood. Create a soundscape that fits the atmosphere of your chosen clip!

Music Careers in Creative Technology

Industry professionals Jane Aurora (Arrival Sounds), John Morgan (Microsoft), and Marcelo Trevino (The Last Kids on Earth) give their insight on their careers, lessons learned, and share their unique approaches to creating music.

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Industry Voice

John Morgan
Audio Director
Microsoft Vancouver

Jane Aurora
Musical Artists
Arrival Sounds

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Career Pathway Videos

Caitlin Yu
Head of Quality Assurance
Phoenix Labs
Burnaby, BC

Shannon Mason
Composer and Sound Designer
Vancouver, BC

Adrian Talens
Freelance Composer
Vancouver, BC

How Video Games Are Made

Curious to know how a video game is made?

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Virtual Animation Studio Tour

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at an animation studio in British Columbia? Well, you're in luck and we've got you sorted! Join us as we take you on a virtual tour of Atomic Cartoons and hear all about what life is like in the office and what types of careers are available in the world of animation.

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