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Getting Started - Teacher's Guide


We have compiled three sets of printable materials to guide you and your students through the process of composing a musical score for a video game/animated clip. 

Composer's Guide (click here)
If your students don't have access to computers or other devices to enable them to follow the guide online, the content is available in these PDF worksheets for you to print out. This provides information, examples, and resources for students to explore the key topics that make up any musical composition: Rhythm, Tempo, Harmony, Melody, Texture & Timbre. These topics can be explored in any order.

Composer Worksheets (click here)
Interactive worksheets that students can work through in class or at home to experiment with some of the key ideas.

Teacher's Guide (click here)
We hope that this will help guide your lessons and provide you with some resources to explore music technology.

*The key topics found in the Teacher's Guide and Composer's Guide are also provided on this website and can be navigated to using the dropdown menus.


The Challenge (click here for details)
We have provided four clips for the students to work on here, however, the material above can be used for any video clip of your choice. We hope the challenge is an incentive for students to engage with musical composition and consider careers in the creative industry sector.


We have also provided the following icons throughout the website and materials:


The Briefing:
  • This is where students will be provided with a definition and introduction to a topic. 

In the Field:

  • An opportunity to show examples from different music genres.
Testing Grounds:
  • This provides an area for guided experimentation using online tools or musical instruments.
Side Quests:
  • These have been provided to give an extra challenge and an opportunity for you to adapt the questions and examples based on your students' understanding.

Industry Voice:

  • These short video clips will give students insight into the creative industry sector and show different techniques used by professionals to compose a piece of music.


  • This provides links to online learning materials.


Click here for Rhythm!



Career Pathway Videos

Caitlin Yu
Head of Quality Assurance
Phoenix Labs
Burnaby, BC

Adrian Talens
Freelance Composer
Vancouver, BC


Shannon Mason
Composer & Sound Designer
Vancouver, BC