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CDMN Seeks Online Portal for Digital Media Development

CDMN Seeks Online Portal for Digital Media Development

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) is developing a new online portal for media entrepreneurs and start-ups, accelerators and SMEs active in the digital economy.

The CDMN’s new initiative seeks to organize as much information, research and data from private industry, non-profit organizations and government agencies about the country’s digital media sector as possible, and archive it in one accessible location.

As part of its drive – dubbed the Moonshot -- to “do anything online” by 2017, the CDMN says the information collection is needed to build collaboration and commercialization of innovative ideas in information and communication technology.

The Moonshot goals were tabled at CDMN's Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum, an industry event that brought together industry, government and academic participants.

Identified so far have been five key targets:

* Access to talent, including the digital skills and talent required to meet these rapidly evolving needs;

* Access to financial capital and investments required for technology and business growth; 

* Connectivity for Canadians of any financial status and geographic location;

* Mobilizing digital content, from ensuring Canadian content is accessible to realizing commercialization opportunities created through content development or management; and

* Productivity improvements through the adoption of digital media technologies and the infrastructure to support it.

CDMN has also launched its Canada 3.0 2013 SoapBox, created by HitSend, a start-up incubated at Toronto’s Ryerson Digital Media Zone, a digital media incubator and CDMN partner.

Using SoapBox, site visitors can offer, gather and share ideas, which can be voted on by other users using a simple click of a thumbs up or thumbs down icon

Via: MediaCaster ( Aug 29, 2012

 August 29, 2012