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DIG: Power Up! Networking Event

15 Jun 2024
11:30am - 2:30pm PDT

CONNECT: Networking events can be uncomfortable, especially for those who have social anxiety, are neuro-divergent, or shy in general. We are creating a safe and inclusive space for you to come meet new friends, make industry connections and enjoy a fun afternoon with some good food!

SUPPORT: Game developers need support now more than ever, we want to facilitate this event as a way to meet with others who may dealing with a similar situation. The type of atmosphere curated at the Power Up Networking event is to inspire and uplift each other.

GAME: We will have many different games and activities going on, from table top board games, to a curated networking bingo!



Tickets $10


15 Jun 2024
11:30am - 2:30pm PDT

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  • 410 West Georgia Street #1400 Vancouver, BC, V6B 1Z3