Announcing the B.C. Game Developers Innovation Award

In conjunction with the Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia, Blackbird Interactive is proud to announce the creation of B.C. Game Developers Innovation Award for this year’s B.C. Science Fairs.

B.C. Science Fairs

The Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia serves to support, organize, stage and fundraise for science fairs in B.C. This extends to local, regional, national and international science fairs where students supported by the foundation have consistently produced high-calibre projects. In British Columbia, 14 regional fairs held in February, March, and April are part of the nearly 100 fairs held every year across Canada. From these regional fairs, students will be selected for “Team B.C.” - to represent their region at the national science fair competition held in Ottawa from May 12-19, 2018. Each fair is affiliated with Youth Science Canada. These fairs offer students in grades 4 through 12 the opportunity to create original scientific research or innovative projects which are then displayed at various levels of competition. They are offered at the school, district, regional, national and international levels.


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The Award
The B.C. Game Developers Innovation Award will be awarded to the student(s) whose project demonstrates creativity and innovation in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or astronomy. The award encourages the participation of women, First Nations, and others traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. Open to students in grades 7 to 12, the award includes a $50 cash award for a junior project (grades 7-8), $100 for intermediate (9-10) and $150 for senior (11-12), and will be awarded at all 14 regional science fairs.

The B.C. Game Developers Innovation Award is a collaboration between eight game developers in British Columbia. The companies involved are Blackbird Interactive Inc., Eastside Games, Electronic Arts Canada, Finger Food Studios, and Klei Entertainment in the Greater Vancouver Area, Codename Entertainment in Victoria, and Hyper Hippo and Kinematic Soup in Kelowna.


“This award represents a great opportunity for us as an industry to give back to our local communities, and promote STEM education in B.C. Science fairs are a great way to encourage young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and math-related activities and careers.”

- Yossarian King, CTO Blackbird Interactive