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DigiBC's mission is to promote, support and accelerate the growth of BC's Creative Technology industry to the benefit of current and future generations.

Our membership consists of companies from the video game/interactive, animation, visual effects, VR/MR/AR, and virtual production sectors, along with
technology enablers and service providers who work alongside our members to help grow the creative technology economy in the province. We seek
to achieve our goals through advocacy and policy engagement, growth programs, talent programs, events, and member benefit initiatives.

Our 2023 sizzle reel showcases some spectacular content that is made right here in BC. Looking for some inspiration
for what to play or watch while supporting BC content creators? Look no further!



What We Do

Our mission is to help ensure that Creative Technology, as a cornerstone of the broader technology sector, grows and thrives in the province for the benefit of current and future generations. We are involved in ongoing discussions with the government regarding short and long-term policy development, and working with leaders in education to help shape the curriculum from kindergarten through post-secondary to help better equip BC students for fulfilling a career in creative tech. We are engaged to help grow the number and strength of creative tech programs in the province, as well as hold a series of networking and professional development events. Member companies and their employees can take advantage of an ever-increasing number of member benefit programs.