Social Video Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of social video tools for marketing, PR and communications professionals, entrepreneurs and entertainers who have a core understanding of social media, but want to tap into the booming social video phenomenon. This workshop is held in a lab, blending fundamental background information and best practices with hands-on activities.

This workshop focuses on the following:

Why social video?
Defining your social video objectives
Targeting your audience
Key video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram)
Creation vs. curation
What to share and how to make it shareable
Viral video myths
How to shoot decent-looking video on the cheap
Getting more views
Calls to action
Integration with other social media efforts
Basic analytics
Monetization options & caveats
Cool tools

The workshop is recommended for those new to social video, but does not include hands-on video production. Contact us at or 604-822-1420 for more information or to register