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The UBC Capstone Design Course

The UBC Capstone Design Course
14 Aug 2018 by DigiBC

Capstone brings companies together with the UBC fourth year electrical and computer engineering teams to design a technological solution to a significant challenge. It was launched in 2014 in a strategic effort to integrate design into these programs and to expose the students to real-world, open-ended problems. The course addresses the following three objectives:


  • Engage industry and community partners by creating an opportunity for them to work with the next cohort of graduate students, and to explore how emerging technologies can further their organization's goals.
  • Allow students the freedom to apply their skills to a project of their preference and to launch their careers through a partnership with a client.
  • Develop students' professional skills in technical writing, communication, and teamwork. 



Capstone attracts a wide range of companies and organizations such as BX Hydro and MDA to not-for-profits and public organizations such as the Neil Squire Society and BC Children's Hospital. It also covers a wide range of sectors from construction and IT networking to education. A showcase of previous project videos can be viewed here.

The Capstone course runs from September to April and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department provides each project with a budget of up to $650. Students also have free access to design labs as well as specialized equipment and software. Clients are encouraged to cover any additional projects costs, but there is also a process to receive additional funds from the department. Proposals must be submitted by September 3, 2018. However, potential clients are encouraged to submit projects as soon as possible. The faculty will review each proposal and provide feedback to the client on how to make their submission attractive to their target audience of students.

Further details on Capstone can be found on their website -