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The Microsoft Vancouver LEAP Program

The Microsoft Vancouver LEAP Program
12 Apr 2018 by DigiBC

Diversity continues to be an important driver of business success at Microsoft. As such, they are launching cohort 2 of LEAP Vancouver to supplement their traditional hiring efforts this year. Additionally, they want to empower women with a technical background who wish to re-enter the workplace.



What is LEAP Vancouver?

LEAP Vancouver is a 6-8 month training program which aims to bring in talent to Microsoft from under-represented groups. In turn, this will help their workforce accurately represent the makeup of their customer/consumer base.  Moreover, they want to empower and help women with a technical background, re-enter the workplace after an extended leave or with a gap in employment (12+months).

Microsoft is hiring now for the next cohort to work with the newly created Mixed Reality in the Workplace team and the Big Park team. This is a paid contract position with the opportunity to receive a full-time offer if the program is successfully completed.  LEAP participants will have access to soft skills/technical training, mentors, and networking opportunities in various Women in Technology events, forums, and roundtables.

Are you a female engineer, program manager or designer looking to return to the workforce and refresh your skills?

For more details of the available LEAP positions: click here

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